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hmmnsoft's FreeShade beta programme

Latest beta version: 1.004beta7

Updated binary: Sunday 13th October 2001

Updated page: Wednesday 16th January 2008

Changes afoot

  • I'm (still) fit to release 1.004beta7 as Version 2

As I've said over on the main page, FreeShade is still freely available, but if you like FreeShade enough to pay me some money you can, via the PayPal link below. Or you could hit my Amazon wish list. Thanks.

Any opinions on releasing beta7 as FreeShade version 2 are welcome.

What's what

1.004beta7 has solved the M$ Office 2000 shading glitch. (And the d/l is now actually beta7!)

1.004beta6 has improved MDI shading. You can still double-click on a child window's caption and have the root parent shade - by holding down the key.

1.004beta5 stopped FreeShade from swallowing the host window's timers which had a NULL id. Most noticably affected was Task Manager's update timer.

1.004beta4 fixed the Win98 crash issue.

(So you can now try FreeShade on anything from Win95 up.)

So what's new(ish):

That sort of thing. Mostly the same as it ever was, but better.

What else?

Please email me letting me know how things go. Thanks.

Come to that please email me anyhow to let me know you're using FreeShade. I really don't know how many users there are (!) and every little FreeShade related ego stroke helps my motivation :)

You could also try out hmmnsoft's boot.

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  FreeShade1.004beta7.exe [361512 bytes] installer.